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Even without holdbacks, the best clubs would still be the best clubs.. Crabs would still attract the top tier players in the area. Stop complaining about it and move on.
If anything be happy for your on age players. Once they develop, they'll be better off skill wise than the kids that spent 4 years dominating based on size and speed alone.

That is true for some..But not true for many. Lacrosse is made up of many average to good players.The 5-6 to 6 ft Athletes. The true above average Athlete is going to play Football, basketball, maybe baseball..The money sports. Lacrosse gets a huge amount of decent average players, not huge amount of great Athletes.
The extra year will get them more playing time and coaching due to size. These holdbacks will never be better than the above avevage players but they will be better than the decent to good players which Lacrosse has a majority of.
I dont agree with the Holdback reclass mentality, but it does work for many. And Especially in High School and below. Maybe not so much in College at a D1 level. The MIAA is loaded with these kids. Many MIAA players arent great Athletes, but many are decent Athletes that have always been starters on teams due to extra year of age over other players.
This is just the starting of holding your kid back. it has been done for years in Private schools in MD. But didnt matter due to only MIAA school teams had these players. Plus it was not even known to most people outside of private schools...Now that is in the Maryland Youth system . It will be more and more of these holdbacks coming on board.
Something needs to be done before this is completely out of control with older kids on the majority of better teams.