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It's like a bunch of women in here. Go back to our sewing circle and tupperware parties.

No rules are being broken by holdbacks. It is a grade based league. For the millionth time. Get over it. Grade based is here and its here to stay. No clubs are changing back unless colleges want them to, which they don't. Only the crappy teams with no holdbacks have a problem with them.
Is it ethical? Uh, well, it's not illegal - Crabs Handbook

You are quite fond of yourself and your Crabs Handbook.

So all these teams should put teams together that are age based even though the league is grade based? Sounds like a smart plan. Then Crabs, FCA, 9ty1, Looneys, etc would be on the same level with whatever crappy club you support. Sorry holdbacks don't come to your tryouts. If they did, your team would have them to. Stop crying. You sound like a little [lacrosse].
Call people names and try to silence those who question it and say every team does it, this way we can feel better about ourselves for playing down - Crabs Handbook

Not from Crabs. From another team. Yes there are holdbacks.

Whine and [lacrosse] and complain because your son's team isn't very good.----Your Handbook

Beat a dead horse --- Your Handbook

Drive everyone f'ing crazy --- Your Handbook