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How long has Crabs own VLC? 2 years. These age kids are from when VLC was by itself. They are talking about how 2020 and below for VLC are avg to bad.

VLC 2015 parent here whose son is playing D1 lax. Crabs bought VLC over 3 years ago. We were a former Madlax family and were happy to move over. VLC became more organized after the Crabs bought them and a lot of things improved like increased bids to Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip, better tournaments, etc.

You are basically saying their 8th grade and 7th grade teams are bad. I know some kids on their 8th grade team and it is going to be a good one. The 7th grade team is so-so, but that's VLC entry year team. They get a huge jump in talent that comes out for the 8th grade tryouts.