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I saw that divisions with an odd number of teams like 2020 elite have a play-in game for teams 4&5. If not - the playoffs are set Crabs, Looneys, FCA & Hawks. Seeding TBD based on Saturday's games.

I agree on the FOGO - enforce the rules.

Any of the teams 2-7 could win the "play in" on any given day as the games have been that close. They all know it could be any of them in the playoffs so more power to whoever plays. FCA probably can not repeat their win against Crabs which is unfortunate so Crabs will win with all their hold backs or maybe Looneys if they are allowed to let the FOGO play. Not a bad toss up as then the two biggest offenders of Hoco rules can pound their chests on how they won by getting around the rules. Hoco really should have had more control over their league prior to the start of the season and one can only hope they get their act together before next year.