Even if it's not early recruiting factor right now, it's laughable that some of these top recruiting schools are losing to the mid tier teams. All these top players according to Ty Xander's get all these accolades through high school. Then what do a lot of them become in college? Sorry to say but there are a lot of misses out there because they don't get the press from this so called lacrosse czar!! And many high school top players fizzle when they get to college. Some kids maybe work harder or late bloomers like a pat spencer take over! Many of early recruits in high school right now who committed are big and strong for their age. A lot of kids will catch up and so called stud might not look as good. I have been around a long time in this sport and football and have seen it. Many kids I coached when they were young teens were not big, but I said once this kid grows he will be better then the star right now. And tell you what called it many many times.