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That sounds a lot like a PVI parent counting dozens of D1 commits. And they suck with impunity on the field. VLC had really good 2014 and 2015 teams which were mostly Madlax home grown kids who left to join VLC when it was formed. In reality that isn't a measure of quality anymore. College commit counts Are definitely a measure of how well a club team or a prep program markets kids, but the sport has reached a point where that is a diluted out thinking. Look what the practice of it has done to programs like UVA and Hopkins. UVA isn't relevant and Hopkins is barely relevant.

The point is none of the kids at UVA or JHU are early commits by todays standards. Some might of verbaled there Jr year but none of them where Freshman or ealy sophmore commits. So we are still waiting to see what early recruiting has done for these schools. If it has hurt or helped. And we also have to throw in that 99% of the kids who are picking a school in there 9th or 10th grade years could of waited tell there Jr years and still had a school to take them.