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RM and Crabs got out coached today...it was very obvious..RM plays consists of give ball to older middies and beat somebody..problem is those holdback middies aren't that good...other kids are catching up and passing them by....love watching him tear his kids apart on sideline as they get schooled by 14 yr olds. Priceless.

Ryan's lack of coaching acumen is decades old. Ask someone in Greenwich sometime about how he ran the Cardinal program there. His mantra is to hire good coaches (and he's done a pretty good job at that) and leverage his alum BL and other MIAA contacts (which he does very well). Aside from that his lacrosse IQ is limited to setting up a credit card payment button on his camps and tournaments website pages. Crabs teams are still good, but look at what a joke VLC became after he took it over. It is incredible he gets any reverence around town when there are better programs like FCA and now Team 91 down the street where kids do get better instruction and development.