T-minus 45 days until this 2020 thread goes extinct.

Why you ask? Let me start by saying that my son is on-age and is committed. I am not from Maryland so don't throw you crab/fca/hawk/juggernaut crap at me.

You will all soon realize that you should be working on your son's playing, skills and IQ and getting exposure to your HIGH SCHOOL. Hopefully get the HS coach to recognize that your son has talent and potential to play for the HS team this summer and fall. Your son could be playing against 17yo as soon as July, no matter how old he is now. No one cares about age, it's a fact, you need to get over it. The club got my son noticed, but the first call the college made was to his future High School coach. He played with them in the summer after 8th grade.

If your little buttons isn't ready to run varsity you should be working on his game and not trying to level the playing field for him by ranting on message boards. These reclass kids will commit, you will say its not fair and you will rationalize why your son isn't committed. But the fact is, you are not going to change this messed up process by spewing madness on here.

Let it go, put all of your effort into your son and making him better. Life is not fair, recruiting is not fair, and you bitching about "reclass" kids isn't going to change the way a college coach looks at your son as a potential player.