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This thread is full of the biggest collection of cry baby dads I've ever heard in my life. I feel sorry for your boys that have you as male role models.

All the clubs operate under the same rules that they pushed for. Are they complaining or just a handful of you dads who's son has to play against kids 18 months older? I don't hear the Kelly's or Kevin Doyle or Matt Hogan crying and pushing things to go back to age based. Why is that? Really I'm asking why the clubs you hold up on a pedestal make no effort change the rules if they are at such a disadvantage. Because they all depend on them. The fact is, more of them choose to play for Crabs and you don't like that they kick your asses.

The horror your sons must face just stepping on the field. People here say Crabs are only in it to win. The crying her is because winning has become so important to you as well.

Typical Crab response - look at everyone else grade school mentality amd profanity when called out. . You game the system to win - at least teach your kids that is the only reason they win and that it lacks character a quality their dad and fellow parents are surely missing. That can't be fixed after you have lived through your son's sport "career". Play in the age group you belong in or up -not down like a coward.. Sportsmanship 101.