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If the fat crab was able to get big on age kids that's the way it goes. Good for him. What he is doing now is not that - so let's not try to pretend he is some lacrosse guru. His game is holdbacks and everyone in youth lacrosse knows it.

What we can not argue is the Crabs where the best club in MD when things where age based. I really do not think this is up for debate. So when things went Grade based the best players where still going to the Crabs. Once he saw how well the holdback game works I am sure he liked it. The holdback game for sure pushes really good on age players off the top teams this is a fact. So I do not think the Crabs will ever not be a top team. So if it goes back to age based the on age kids will go back to Crabs. They might be weaken but as you see on other forums all the clubs in the hot bed areas are being weaken by the total number of clubs. I would love for someone to count but I would guess the total number of clubs playing today is 5 times more then 8 years ago.