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Okay, I get it. The Crabs are the biggest offenders of re-classing. (I use the term re-class because I'm only disturbed by the parents who do this late in middle school to gain an athletic advantage.) Crabs are clearly bigger, stronger, and faster at many positions. I know they have re-classed boys, double holdbacks, etc. You know it, they know it, the boys on all teams know it, EVERYONE knows it! So if we agree it exists AND we have no control over it, can we PUHLEEZE move onto some other topic? This completely disappears next year.

Well it does not disappear next year. All the parents of the non reclassed kids will see there sons grow 2 or 3 inches and gain 20 pounds. And it will hit you and you will see more clear how bad the reclass kids where cheating you and your son the year before.