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First world problem, for sure!

With nothing else to say they try to minimize and deflect.

A small group of people, acting in blind self-interest, to the detriment of a much larger group is not a first world problem. Young Bradford having to miss the spring mixer because his team is traveling to a showcase in Boston, that is a first world problem.

Well, I guess your definition of a first world problem is a little different than mine... 8th grade boys playing other 8th grade boys in lacrosse, no matter what their birthdate, is something to be happy about.

My son is not on the Crabs and is not a holdback and does not play elite, I'm really just lurking on this page, but seriously is this the most important thing you need to worry about in your life?

By your logic ..unless life or death..Dont worry be happy!
Most of the posters here are not very happy YOUTH lacrosse is giving a select few players an advantage over others. This is being promoted by Certain Clubs with NO cares about its effect on all of lacrosse. As time goes on you will see more and more of this as many parents are always looking for an edge for their child.Youth sports isnt supposed to be this way. I guess you dont care if all youth sports goes down this route??