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Actually it should be called "People who
don't give a fvck about how their actions impact others". Let's call it
what it is.
Perfect comeback....You must be "that" Dad... By the
way to make your point heard more...What club does your kid play for?
Let's compare and figure out why you are so angry

Yes...it was a perfect comeback.

I am from the club that is tired of having to explain to our 13 year olds
why they have to play against 15 year olds, why some people believe that
this is perfectly normal, and why they continue to defend their flawed
logic in spite of overwhelming consensus from the community and increased
scrutiny from the organizing bodies of the sport.

why don't you have your coach or parents of your son's teammates that were held back explain it to them.

btw- up until the change to grade just a few years ago - 8th grade lacrsosse was u15. Meaning you could turn 15 during the fall of that season. So for proceeding 40-50 yrs it was ok to have 13 year olds (that are almost 14) play against kids who turned 15 in the past 5-6 months. The hold back stuff has been in play for decades. Why the hysteria now?

If your 13 year old is having a tough time playing in 2020 elite he should be playing 2020 AA. There are plenty of hold backs on those teams as well. They are just not as good. But the competition and coaching is for the most part excelllent

for the record i'm a different poster than above and my kids are july '00 2018 and may '02 2020 and not crabs

Or play REC

By this logic, if a 13 year old can't compete with a 15 year old then he is in the wrong bracket.

When it was U15 a couple of things happened...

Generally, older kids were on the A team, younger kids were on the B team who would then become the A team as the older ones moved on. This was standard practice everywhere.

Teams or kids who had more talent had the option to play up (their choice)- let me know if you need us to explain what that means.

With the move to grade based the option has been taken away and kids are effectively forced to play up, (except the holdbacks who continue to play down). Saying that these kids should play A or B instead merely cascades the problem downward. The net result being that the selfish actions of a small minority have a negative impact on the entire population.