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Listen why doesn't someone file a "right to know" request for the Crabs HOCO Roster? It run by the county which is government body. The roster has everyones birthdate. I think they would have to honor your request.

On what grounds? It is a GRADE BASED LEAGUE. What difference does it make what their DOB is. Play in AA if you don't want to play all the teams with holdbacks.

My goodness the incessant complaining about this is really tiresome. Talk about beating a dead horse. Move on

Sounds like someone is getting nervous. Don't even need to file that - just look at 8th grade grad lists for the private schools, old Hudl pages etc. it is all right out there. Heck, these kids even brag about getting their learners permit.

No one with Crabs is getting nervous. WHy would they? Things are staying grade based. Do you think they would if Crabs was the only club that wanted it this way? You are completely blind to what is going on. All the clubs prefer grade based. If the clubs were as upset as you guys are, they would push the leagues an tournaments to follow the USL guidelines. This isn't happening. Ever ask yourself why? If Crabs is the big bad monster and the other clubs have "had enough", then why aren't they pushing for change? It's just a few of you cry baby dads that are up in arms about this.

It is much more than a few cry baby dads here. Most people against this have never heard of this site.
Many lacrosse coaches I have talked to think it is disgusting. But the one area it is not disgusting is the MIAA. It is holdback/prefirst central. And it is where all Top lacrosse players want to play in MD if given the chance.
Every MIAA starting lineup is full of kids that were heldback or did prefirst. A couple years ago a father whose son was on BL team told me the entire starting line up except a couple kids should be Freshman in College.
The Clubs that prefer grade base are the ones associated with MIAA schools or players. Crabs are a perfect example. Most clubs would prefer age base.
No one playing at top level wants to upset the MIAA or top clubs and its holdback/prefirst mentality. They all think their child or club player might get to play there.
Letting select kids that are heldback/prefirst get an advantage goes counter to everything we constantly hear about the spirit of Youth athletics..But somehow the schools that preach the most Character Education are the biggest drivers of letting select kids play down in youth lacrosse. Go figure.

I didn't say it's just cry babies here. My point is that nothing is being done to change anything other than complaining. And my other point is, the other clubs like the grade based teams. Whether they have 2 or 12 holdbacks, all the top clubs depend on them. Don't fool yourself. No clubs reject holdbacks so it's going to be an uphill battle.