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No need to deflect. Look at the history of commits. Speaks for itself.

No one cares what you think. Keep whining. Crabs developed tons of kids when things were age based so your rant is meaningless. You can keep spouting the same crap day after day by it doesn't matter. Crabs will beat your team whether they stay grade based or if it goes back to age. Always have, always will.
g. Sorry Crab dad, you have it backwards, no one gives a crap what you say or think, you and other Crab sh*theads are the ones always whining and pushing back. Only thing Crabs develop is a large group of cheats. The Crab dads/fans are the ones who keep spewing their lies and bullsh*t on a daily basis. Take your thoughts, program and the Crab leader and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. The best you can do is STFU [lacrosse].