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No need to deflect. Look at the history of commits. Speaks for itself.

No one cares what you think. Keep whining. Crabs developed tons of kids when things were age based so your rant is meaningless. You can keep spouting the same crap day after day by it doesn't matter. Crabs will beat your team whether they stay grade based or if it goes back to age. Always have, always will.

Then why in the world would you ever leave a kid back 1-2 years and have them play down with younger kids when you were so successful?. That is the real question!? You think the kids are proud to tell their friends that they are no longer going to be graduating with them and now will be playing with younger kids? You are crazy! If you can get committed by a college and not get held back academically and athletically, do so and stop this crazy business that is making money off your kids' backs! Parents are insane for allowing their kids to be put in this situation. They defend it because they are embarrassed. How do you feel when the next dad also has a kid early recruited with just as much money and did not have to hold their kid back? Are you proud? Does it feel good to know your kid had to be left back? You will never know if they were good enough, because you had no faith. There will be just as many kids that get recruited that are held back, as those that are not. Stop the craziness and let your kid know they do not need to repeat a year of their life. This is not about lacrosse, this is about ego. So once again- if you were so successful in the first place, why abuse the system and the kids? Believe in your kids.