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Clapping. They are becoming more irrelevant to the other elite teams every day. They have not had any games in the hoco league where they did not have a coach screaming threats at them and that they did not need to keep their hold backs in not did they get out of double digits but once so kudos to all the teams that have played them so far. They would be truly irrelevant if they were playing on age and you have shown your stuff by challenging them despite 40-80 pound weight differences and at times over a foot height difference. You are truly the standouts - must feel great for them to get beat on defense by a kid so much smaller and younger then them!

40-80 lb differences... What is your team from the land of tiny? Team Waif? Hilarious

What is hilarious and pathetic at the same time is the Crabs 2020 holdbacks, you know, the 16 year old 8th graders that really should be in the 10 grade and should be going into the 11th grade next fall. They just love playing against 13 and 14 year old true 8th graders.
What a pathetic organization Crabs is and what they stand for. The parents of these players are just as pathetic as the leader, Ryan McClernan, who is a true POS, in many many ways. I have never seen a coach scream belittling and threatening comments to players during a game. He is so afraid of loosing that he acts like a total moron. He acts this way because of his low lacrosse IQ and he has no clue on how to teach and develop a player. Thus the reason for the older players.
Now lets wait for the Crab faithful to start their pushbacks and trying to deflect to other teams or whatever.