Crabs should be irrelevant to this thread. The on age players that give them a run for their money, and there are those that will, are the ones that will stand out. A team win at this age is not as important as what an individual can do as they play against a team of older kids. When up against other holdbacks, and younger kids with more talent, the holdbacks lose their advantage. If they can only beat your team by 3-4 goals, is that a true "win" for them? I'd call it embarrassing if that is the best they have against younger kids. Play them, play hard, enjoy the fact that your kids can score on them, defend against them and stop their shots, especially if they are a year or two younger than these left back kids. When you can stand out against these kids, you take away their power and many kids will be able to do so. As far as them being a 2020, count them out and move forward. Let them boast and brag and know that they only got there by playing younger teams. Your kids and teams could do the same if you made a team of older kids, not a big feat or anything to applaud, but certainly not worth degrading your kids ability and intelligence by leaving them back in school and playing on younger teams.