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TLaxOne, you are officially a Madlax homer who has no knowledge of how the 2020 teams play. Have you ever seen Madlax 2020 play? Have you seen a game Madlax has played against the HOCO 2020 elite teams? Why don't you check out Madlax's own write up on the latest stellar result vs Looneys. Enjoy.

Madlax 2 - Looney's 14 (4.24.16)

Madlax faced a top team in the country yesterday at Maryland Byrd Stadium. Although the result was not good, the team was grateful for the incredible experience of playing in Byrd Stadium and then taking a private tour with UMD Head COach, John Tillman, of the men's athletic facilities.

Madlax was unable to generate any offense because the team lost every single face off. Defensively the team tried to mix defenses between man to man, zone, shut offs and combinations of those but none seemed to work. Credit to Looney's 2020 as they are skilled and deep at every position.

Madlax will regroup and face West Coast Starz on Sunday at Boys Latin. Every player has to work harder to improve on own and in practices if they want to beat teams like Looney's 2020 one day.

Not to pile on, but the score was actually 16 to 2.