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All wrong. I've coached him. Shares the ball. No learning issues, never had any. Always played up in everything he did from age 5. One of the younger ones on that team. No issue with playing as a senior n HS. High HSPT score, great kid, great athlete, multi sport athlete recruited for all 3 sports he plays. Very bright future! Liked by all the kids and adults HE cares to associate with. Respectful. None of the issues you gutter snipes try to hang on him. Your anxiety about this kid is entertaining. As I've heard him say many times before, who's next? Can't wait to watch him at the next level.

So basically what you're saying is he was held back twice so he could gain an athletic advantage over kids 2 years younger then him. Congratulations; very courageous of him.

Guess he decided he had played up enough since he was 5 and challenge himself now. Such character. I hope he writes about it in his college admission essay on how being held back two years to play sports shaped him as a man and made him a better person.