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I'm not a Crabs parent and have a 2020 boy who is playing on age, but this is getting tiresome. This will be a non-issue for these boys next year. Each 2020 team (elite and "non" elite) has some boys who could be in 9th grade based on their birthdate. I know some parents feel very passionately about this, but I really think that the majority of the 2020 boys just want to play lacrosse and do not care if they are playing against "holdbacks". I think most of these boys hope to play varsity next year and will be on the field with boys 3-4 years older.

True statement about some 2020's, if they make varsity as freshman, will be playing against players 2-4 years older and that is accepted, as it covers grades 9 thru 12.
That is much different than playing youth grade base lacrosse with players in the 8th grade who should be in the 9th and quite a few in the 10th grade. At the youth level, it is well known which teams game the system to gain an advantage and make it part of their operating program while other teams have a few holdbacks, mostly due to academic reasons.
This isn't really a non issue, it is some clubs taking advantage and violating the spirit of grade base lacrosse. Many of these holdbakcs are not because of their birthdate but because their parents had them repeat either the 7th or 8th grade.
I, like you, am also tired of seeing this but like you said there are some who are very passionate about this. And, the players know who the holdbacks are and on certain clubs do not respect them, due to why they are holdbacks.
I would like to see age based youth lacrosse and put an end to this process and regardless of what grade a kid is in, he plays where his age dictates.