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Sons is okay. Hoco let in another known cheater. Team is a step sister of crabs

Hoco is ignoring their own rule blatantly and it is shameful. Their rules also say you have to pay to officially challenge the other team's roster. So,they know they are breaking the rules, continue to break their rule and then want you to follow their rule to point out they are breaking their own rule., embarrassment and definitely not offering the league for the kids. Wonder if they will be so unresponsive when a kid gets hurt by one of these bigger older kids and someone charges them and the individuals involved at the county with negligence in not following their rule??

What rule are they breaking? It's a grade based league?

A lot of people don't want to read plain English because it goes against what they think it "should" be. The rules state

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The Conference follows a grade based system based on the player’s current grade level and assuming normal progression of school to graduation.

and a lot of people think that says that kids should be playing with the grade they'd be if they weren't held back. So if a kid is in 7th grade this year but by age he could be an 8th grader, they think he should be playing 2020 instead of 2021, which would be his current graduation year.

In a way, I get why they think that... they read "normal progression" and think it's not normal for a 15 year old kid to be in 7th grade. And quite honestly I agree with the sentiment. But the rules clearly state that it's a kid's CURRENT grade level that is used for placement.