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Its pretty obvious that the same 2-3 people keep coming on this site and trashing the Crabs over and over again as its the same exact rants over and over again. ie; double holdbacks, average players at best, cheaters, WSYL loss, etc -- ad nauseum. Case in point is the above poster who continues to come on here and state Crabs would love to have his kid but he has no desire to play for them. I think that one is pretty funny.

Most who know the crabs story (all of 2020 elite and most of AAs) have no respect for them. Don't fool yourself - crabs deserves all of the contempt they get for the way they have corrupted youth lacrosse. The poor kids who know nothing about character. Even the few who at age have nobody's respect for agreeing to go along with the sham. The parents who allow this whether their kid is on age or a holdback are just pathetic - be a parent and say no and explain to your child why character and sportsmanship from yourself And from those you associate with is more important than winning.