[quote=Anonymous]If the Crab's are such a joke and disrecpected by all, why do you spend so much time trashingb them. You come off as a jealous [lacrosse] who's kid got cut!!! [/quote

Calling people a jealous [lacrosse] shows your level of intelligence and your true demeanor.
What you and other Crab parents/fans fail to realize and grasp is that others are in no way jealous of Crabs, nor has their kid been cut from Crabs. My son plays for an elite 2020 team, is a starter and is on age. He has no desire to play for Crabs but they would love to have him. There are many other strong elite 2020 players who have no desire to play for Crabs.
These kids talk, they know who the holdbacks are and do not respect them in any way, nor do they think they are strong/talented players, they are just big because most are 15 and close to 16 years old.
Believe me, people come on here and trash the sh*t our of Crabs simply because they and the parents/fans are a true disgrace to youth lacrosse.
So, just keep trying to push back and make excuses, it doesn't work.