Clearly as a parent who has and continues to live vicariously through his son(s) you have taken a rather complimentary statement to an entire new level. More importantly, why are you trolling 2nd grade threads if you don't have a young guy playing... That is creepy in itself. The comment was alluding to the fact that as a first time parent in travel lacrosse, I was impressed at how developed in the game some of these young guys are. I know growing up, passing around the cage, setting picks, and even throwing with both hands was years away from what I witnessed with a few kids from EVERY team that was out there on Sat. Kudos to the coaches, as it was clear that almost every kid I saw across all teams was having a blast. My son, some of his teammates and a couple of kids from the other teams were actually playing together in between games and hanging during the skills competitions. It was a great fun event with some lacrosse games going on. Save the drama and your short comings for whatever thread you have a kid on and stop trolling.