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There are quite a lot of kids who play hs as 8th graders fyi. Happens regularly outside of md. The 3 top long Island teams have a lot of players playing hs currently.

Noted above that Maryland has rules about 8th graders playing in high school so it is not an issue in MD but if any player outside of Maryland is doing this they should be aware of tournament rules and if the club he plays with is not honest, the other clubs should and will call them out if the rules state it is a youth tournament. None should be in Beach Lax or any Aloha event. Can not have it both ways - you are Youth lacrosse or high school lacrosse regardless of age.

Not disputing that the rule (banning a player who has played high school lacrosse from youth tournament) exists. But questioning WHY it exists? What purpose does it serve? If the kid is on age or within the grade rules, why would being good enough to play HS prohibit him from playing in an "elite" youth tournament? Isn't the tournament supposed to feature the best on-age or in-class talent? It seems to me that it simply penalizes a player for being good enough to compete at a high level. Seems silly to me.