Regardless the decision was made and the Looneys coach must know about the kid playing on the hs team or there is a bigger issue in that he does not know what a player on his roster is doing. Ultimately, the player and parents would decide but you have a knowledgeable high school coach and presumably a knowledgeable Looneys coach who would have communicated the rule to let them make the decision that was right for the boy. Maybe his new high school in MD is okay with him only playing through his junior year to remain eligible or he will red shirt freshman year. [/quote]

here's the MIAA rules for eligibility.

II. Age Limitations
A student who has attained his/her 19th birthday before August 31 of a given academic year is not eligible to participate.

A student who has attained his/her 19th birthday on or after August 31st of a given academic year may participate only on the Varsity level.

III. Limits of Participation
A student may not represent any school, regardless of its affiliation to this Association, in any one sport at any competitive level for more than four years. Additionally, students may only be enrolled in grades 9-12 for participation in association athletic programs.

A student may not represent more than one school during any academic year in interscholastic athletics regardless of its affiliation to this association. A student athlete may appeal this guideline based on a move of his primary residence.

A student who has graduated from a secondary education program, either domestic or foreign, is not eligible to participate.[/quote]

So a year played in Florida will count toward the four total when a player transfers to a Maryland MIAA school?
As an aside, What does this rule do to the defender on FCA Blue and the 2 kids on Crabs that turn 16 this spring/summer as that will put them older than 19 before August of their senior year?[/quote]

an 8th grader turning 16 before 9/1/16 wouldn't be eligible for MIAA sports in 12th grade.

rule states player can not play for any one MIAA school for more than 4 years. no rule against playing for school outside of MIAA and then playing 4 years.

Also there are rules about transferring from MIAA to MIAA school as well. essentially you have to sit out a year if you switch miaa schools. I think Ryan Brown switched from St Joe to Calvert Hall and lost a year.