Not this year. Hoco championship has to be one of the hardest titles to win.

No summer guest players. No summer crappy fields, No summer questionable refs. Hoco is the real season for middle school and older elementary school kids.[/quote]

Only if they manage to follow their own rules which they have not yet. No kids that do not follow "normal progression" for the grade. [/quote]

When it comes to the Greater Howard Club Lacrosse Conference, that is simply a cesspool of a league. Their own rules/guidelines are not followed. Many believe it is because Crabs has a tight relationship with someone on the Howard County payroll who does this to benefit Ryan McClernan and his corrupt organization. [/quote]

As bad as you feel it is, the facilities, staffing, and rule enforcement is way better than you will find in any summer tournament[/quote]

Rule enforcement???? Not happening at all with respect to the ages of the kids allowed to play! Refing is spotty - good mixed with bad. Facilities are great but facilities do not make a league. A chance has been missed for a great opportunity to shape youth lacrosse in Maryland due to lack of knowledge, caring of what is happening and handshake deals. [/quote]

Complain all you want. You can't name a summer tournament that does not guarantee the team you are playing against is not together for more than two days. Again the refs at summer tournaments are any 50 refs the tournament can get their hands on and expect them to work 10 hours straight. The fields are crap at most summer tournaments. You are lucky if they are mowed and if they are level. Be thankful for what you have.[/quote]

Who cares if a team is put together just for a tournament? . It happens all the time and as long as they are all the correct age, good for them. Why would it be a problem? The fields are secondary and notna huge issue. the important thing is safety and teaching kids sportsmanship and good character while offering fair competition. That is what is important - you either work for Howard county or don't have a child playing in this environment or you would understand what is really important - the kids. Refs in hoco league are not as great as you think. Adequate but not all great. Would be thankful if you had your league follow their own rules.