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League is a fraud this year. Crabs will probably win it since Madlax 2020 is going the free agent route this spring. Championship is now up for grabs.

Dammit you made me LOL and spit my coffee out on my laptop - AGAIN!

I'm not sure how many times you were dropped on your head as a child, but Madlax 2020 isn't even in the conversation. I'm not a CRABS dad, just an observer of the game. Madlax would get [lacrosse] slapped and Cabell would lose his voice by the second game.

CRABS is a high school team masquerading as 2020. Period. End of story. If they don't win the league and roll teams like they did NL this past weekend, RM should hang up his coaching credentials and quit lacrosse.

RM's coaching credentials are a total joke, just go to Crabs website and see his lacrosse bio. He has a weak lax IQ, thus the older/bigger players so he can win, because his coaching ability won't do it.