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You sound like another grumpy Madlax Capital 2020 parent who still believes that Madlax can compete with the other HOCO elite teams. The results are in and Madlax got blown out by both NL and Hawks. Madlax also had a chance to compete for the last elite HOCO spot and didn't. NL isn't good? They won the Madlax fall tournament including beating 3D Pacific in the finals. NL beat MDX, Cannons in the HOCO play in and CB, fl$ and RR in a March tournament. You should stop trying to slam other 2020 clubs and take a hard look at the Madlax team. I know its hard to accept the reality of paying Madlax $$ with the promise of having an "elite" team. Maybe you should ask for a refund or have your kid try out for another team.

No, NL is good, but not elite or great - that is the difference. The MadLax fall tourney had ok/average/above average teams there - such as the ones you mention (MDX, Cannons( - they are also good but not elite. NL is not elite, not even close, as I'm sure you saw yesterday at the first HoCo game where it was like a shooting practice for the Crabs. They got destroyed, hands down, in every aspect of the game, 10-1 - and Crabd basically stopped shooting second half. Could have been 20+. Bottom line - NL does NOT belong in elite, that are not anywhere near the same caliber as Looneys Orange or Crabs.