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You should try to ease up on the hyperbole. It might give you a wee bit of credibility. It currently sounds like you are a jealous white trash parent who's kid got cut from the crabs.
. Really, white trash, that's really over the top. There is no exaggeration about Crabs of what was stated about their operation. They are an organization that goes way beyond what is ethical in youth lacrosse. For your info my son plays for an elite 2020, has never tried out for Crabs, has no desire to but they would love to have him, and he is not a holdback. As for being white trash, I guess I could say it takes one to know one, but that would be too childish, You have clearly demonstrated your low life status so keep trying. What time do you start work in the morning at your minimum pay job. In the final analysis you have shown you have no clue.