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I can name your 12 holdbacks with initials if you'd like. Nah..no need to resort to your lows. Cheating or bending rules is part of sports. Eventually some coach or organization goes to far and then penalties roll down. Look at UNC basketball. They've been violating NCAA rules for years. Most don't know anything about it until it hits the press. UNC is about to get crushed with penalties. CRABS is youth lax that wants to keep the reputation of being best MD lax club. They are driving holdbacks to increase their chances.

I love how everyone brushes over the 19-8 win by 91 Crush on national TV. The win is important do to the fact it was a tournament and game where birth certificates were checked and verified. When you consider that, awful showing for the crabs.

I love how everyone points to that game as if it somehow defines the Crabs 2020 team. (A true sign of jealousy by the way) Since they started the team in 6th grade they have played every great team multiple times (unlike others who pop off on this forum) and are probably something like 60-5 overall....By the way, college coaches wont give a s*it this summer how old anyone is. Only the jealous dads of other teams care about this.

Trust me, there is no one on the face of this earth jealous of Crabs, no one. This organization and its sh*t head leader Ryan McClernan is the most unethical person I have ever seen.
You say this team has been together since sixth grade, well I know for a fact they are not the same players, not even close. Crabs suggest/insists that if you want to remain with them you must re class or leave the team.
Crabs 2020 is the biggest joke of a 2020 team I have ever seen, and this includes Edge. At least they are upfront with how their system works.
Crabs 2020 with their 10 holdbacks and 2 double holdbacks is totally disgraceful. It must be nice to be either 15 or close to 16 and be in the 8th grade.
The parents are just as much at fault as Ryan M to go along with his BS.
And college coaches do care how old kids are, they also scratch their heads, what a 15 year old 8th grader, what happened there.
So if it helps you sleep at night, continue to believe your fantasy, because that is all it is. Everyone in the lax world is laughing at you and the Crabs organization. What an idiot.