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Wishful thinking, but I would love to see
Ryan M in goal and have players from other elite 2020 teams take shots on goal, just smack the living sh*t out of this scumbag, then he may get the message.

You have a lot of issues. Hard to take you seriously with a post like this.

It's fine to rail against holdbacks, but in this 2020 division, ALL of the teams have holdbacks.

Team 91 MD
Next Level
Rising Sons

All of them.

True, all the 2020 teams have holdbacks, usually 2 or 3 per team, not like Crabs with 10+ holdbacks on their 2020 team plus 2 double holdbacks.
You are right, I have no love for cheaters and Ryan M is the biggest of them all.
As for Ryan M in goal, that would be fun to watch a cheater see what it is like. If you knew this man like I do you would completely understand where I am coming from.

And no, my son plays for another elite 2020 team, he has never had a desire to try out for Crabs, he can see, like all the other 2020 players, what Crabs is all about.

so for the "2 or 3" hold backs on your sons team, how do you feel about them? Do you have utter contempt for their parents, your coach, your club. Or is a little bit of cheating OK?

The 2 or 3 on our team are summer birthdays, nobody's switching schools to repeat a year and none of them have ever played on a 2019 team. To me that's a big difference.
So I guess you are saying a little bit of cheating is OK...Your loosing your point here real quick. Just because you don't like the guy does not mean he is a bigger cheater than everyone else....Just a cheater like everyone else. Is it cheating if it not against the rules? I am confused....

Summer birthdays did not game the system to play lacrosse and look better against younger kids. Summer birthdays are kids who are 30 days older than the Aug 31 school date and most for social reasons or speech delays etc (not so out of the norm for 5 year olds) and therefore start school a year later. They are not held back without academic reason for the sake of playing a sport. Most sports do have those kids play with their age as opposed to grade but the lacrosse gods pushed for all grade based - thank RM and his cohorts.

We play for one of the teams playing in the elite 2020 and have ONE hold back and it is a legitimate grade repeater - not for sports . We would miss him but would be okay if we went age based and lost him. One player does not make a team - 10 hold backs do change a team. Stop trying to say ALL the top teams are loaded to justify what you have done- they are not.