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Its a fallacy to portray Crabs as having 10+ kids who were held back for "lacrosse reasons" or to stay on the team -- that is simply not true. What is true is that they are all in 8th grade, great kids and highly skilled lacrosse players.

It is for lacrosse reasons, plain and simple. Stop your denying it, everyone sees thru it. It is how Crabs runs the program, re class or you will no longer be with Crabs.
Ryan Mc has his lacrosse model to re class or leave.

Sure, they are in the 8th grade, but are 15 and some close to 16 year old 8th graders. Regular non re class 8th graders are 13 years old.
If you don't think they have 10+ holdbacks on the 2020 team, you are out of touch. Remember, their rosters were released by accident last fall, and those rosters had each players DOB. The real fallacy is your denial of the truth. Nice try Crab dad, it didn't work.