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Its a fallacy to portray Crabs as having 10+ kids who were held back for "lacrosse reasons" or to stay on the team -- that is simply not true. What is true is that they are all in 8th grade, great kids and highly skilled lacrosse players.

They were held back for "sports" reasons, plain and simple. Do you people not realize that we have seen at least the Baltimore area kids for years in rec and know how old they are? Two simple examples are the kid who came from Fallston Rec and re-classed once he got to BL and the kid who is currently playing in his 4th year of middle school lacrosse who went to Gilman through 7th, then did 7th at Calvert and now is magically an 8th grader at Gilman. Doubt that was for academic reasons. If he couldn't pass 7th grade at Gilman he should probably have given up lacrosse for the year. See, most of us see through this nonsense...Keep rationalizing it Crabs Daddy.