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Wishful thinking, but I would love to see
Ryan M in goal and have players from other elite 2020 teams take shots on goal, just smack the living sh*t out of this scumbag, then he may get the message.

You have a lot of issues. Hard to take you seriously with a post like this.

It's fine to rail against holdbacks, but in this 2020 division, ALL of the teams have holdbacks.

Team 91 MD
Next Level
Rising Sons

All of them.

True, all the 2020 teams have holdbacks, usually 2 or 3 per team, not like Crabs with 10+ holdbacks on their 2020 team plus 2 double holdbacks.
You are right, I have no love for cheaters and Ryan M is the biggest of them all.
As for Ryan M in goal, that would be fun to watch a cheater see what it is like. If you knew this man like I do you would completely understand where I am coming from.

And no, my son plays for another elite 2020 team, he has never had a desire to try out for Crabs, he can see, like all the other 2020 players, what Crabs is all about.

so for the "2 or 3" hold backs on your sons team, how do you feel about them? Do you have utter contempt for their parents, your coach, your club. Or is a little bit of cheating OK?

There are three on my sons team, and all were for academic reasons, not lacrosse. All are nice kids, just were not doing well in school. One is still in public school, had to repeat the grade in public school, pure academic. The other two are in private grade schools, parents saw they were not doing well and move them to a better academic environment and they are doing much better. Public school is not a good fit for every kid.
I have no contempt for the coach or parents of my sons team, why would I. They do not do what Crabs does, they makes it their business model to get kids to repeat a grade if they want to remain with the program.
I have talked to several parents of former and present Crabs players and all have stated that this is how
Crabs operates. How do you think they have 10+ holdbacks on their 2020 team.
Grade base lacrosse is fine, but the true spirit of this is being abused by Crabs and has been since the beginning of grade base. Ryan M saw a way he could "game" the system to his advantage and proceeded to do so with a vengeance.
There are so many things wrong with having 15 and close to 16 year olds playing against 13 and 14 year olds, but this is what Ryan M wants, this is how he feels he can win and push other teams around. This is why I have no respect for this individual and do despise him.

repeat a grade in public school? don't think so! Parents did this, not the school.

Grades can definitely be repeated in public school for academic reasons - if the kid is failing, they will have them repeat. The parents in public school can not make the choice - it is not an option as it is in private. Regardless, would question why any kid who is struggling in school is spending hours playing high level lacrosse and where the priorities are but to each their own.