My on-age son laughs at them and then goes out and tries to beat them. Make no mistake, the on-age kids make fun of the holdbacks.

Last year, during the tryout tour that my son did, I happened to overhear at the Kooper's tryouts about the double holdback. If you could hear some of the things that the kids, some who are holdbacks themselves, were saying about the double holdback kid, it would make you sorry for the double holdback. Everybody is whispering. when you beat them, you smile a little bit and when you lose to them, it doesn't mean anything.

My son was asked to play down at a camp against Elite 2021 players. Although there were holdback 2021s older than him, he told me he never wants to do it again. no satisfaction when he wins. He compared it to beating his 9 year old brother at lacrosse. Needed to be done but demoralizing.