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My observations is that Crabs is too big and fast for other teams. They are older and it shows. Crabs and Team 91 LI will beat 95% of 2019 teams. I agree that Crabs cheats by loading team with so many holdbacks but here's what they do well.

Extremely oganized. Practice all the time. Lots of scrimmages. Great marketing and exposure. Only clubs that practice more are Team 91 and Loonies.

Would love to see them lose because they have no integrity but reality is only team that should beat them is Team 91 LI.

Crabs 2020 team should be tossed out of the HOCO elite league. They are a mix of 2018/2019 and a very low number of 2020 players.
They completely abuse the spirit of grade base lacrosse and their POS leader, Ryan McClernan is a true scumbag.
Sure, they can probably beat other elite 2020 teams, but just look at the ages of their players, this is the only way they know how to win, but cheating.
The parents/fans of this team are just as much scumbags as the coach Ryan M. They feel they have superior players but they don't, they are just older/bigger.
Ryan McClernan and Crabs is the worst thing that has happened to youth lacrosse since it went to the grade base format.
Coaches from other elite teams literally hate Ryan M and what he stands for. Ryan M does everything he can to manipulate the system to make him look good and in turn that makes more money for him. He is driven by pure ego and money.
Wishful thinking, but I would love to see
Ryan M in goal and have players from other elite 2020 teams take shots on goal, just smack the living sh*t out of this scumbag, then he may get the message.