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Given this Madlax team has practiced for 3 weeks, and was missing key contributors, I would say they are almost par with Hawks and NL. Certainly these teams did not dominate them.

Stop being a homer. I watched several games at the stadium and you are crazy. Both NL and Hawks beat Madlax 2020 easily. Madlax is nowhere near the same level as those teams. Madlax was dominated and it would have been worse if it had been a longer game.

Caught most of the 2nd half of the VLC game and it was pretty even. I noticed VLC had to play Madlax right after their 1st game while it was the first game of the day for Madlax. Typical home cooking.

Madlax parents should be glad they are not playing clubs like NL and Hawks this spring. They would have gone winless.

And EVERYONE is missing key kids this early in the season.

Just reality 2020 commentator who is never wrong. Hawks were up only 4-2 well into the second half. Was not as easy a win as you are making out. NL did indeed pull away.

Also, why play only the clubs you know you can beat? What is the point in that?

Every team should challenge themselves, if your club isn't doing so you are wasting your money, as you will never get better. That said, with the exception of Lax Factory and Madlax 2020 MDVA, all of the teams there - NL, VLC, Hawks, and Madlax Capital, were similar in skill and ability. The final scores are one indicator, but if you watched the games you would have seen very even play. Hawks were winning 4-2 at the half against Madlax. VLC was winning 3-2 against NL at the half. Madlax and VLC went back and forth the entire game. On any given day, any of those 4 teams could beat each other. None of them belong in the HoCo elite league with Crabs, Looney's Orange, etc. - they simply aren't yet ready.