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The only reason your team doesn't have more holdbacks is because your team isn't good enough. The holdbacks all want to play for the best. As in Crabs, Looney's or Team 91 Force.

Wrong again. Crabs has 10+ holdbacks, the other two teams you mentioned have at most 2 or 3, this is a known fact. The other teams do not request/require a player to agree to repeat a grade in order to stay with the team, but this is what Ryan Mc does. This is his business model, how he operates the corrupt program.
Grade base was never meant to be abused the way Crabs abuses it and then jerks like you come on here and pound their chests and think this is the greatest thing to do, have a boat load of holdbacks.
If you think kids are running around looking to repeat a grade just to play lacrosse you are sadly mistaken. Only Crabs requires this. Again, it is a know fact, several players parents from Crabs, some former and some still with the team have admitted to this.
Too bad we can't hold the parents back or send them back to maybe work at minimum paying jobs, since you feel holdbacks are so great.