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Why does everyone then want to play the crabs? It's easy to hate the best:)

Totally wrong on two counts, one, not everyone wants to play Crabs and two, they are far from the best. But you are correct on one count, everyone hates Crabs and their corrupt way of abusing the grade base system. Plus it is very easy to hate Crabs, to hate cheaters. Ryan Mc is the biggest POS in youth lacrosse and he knows it but doesn't care because he is after the money and, in his mind, the fame of having a superior 2020 team.
His 2020 team should be playing in a 2019 league at best, and if they did they would have their heads handed to them.
It is easy to have a 2020 team of 15 and some close to 16 year olds playing against mostly 13 and 14 year olds.
The parents and fans are just as pathetic as Ryan Mc himself.
A total group of losers. Truth hurts doesn't it Crab dad.