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Are you telling me that Tomahawks don't have a significant amount of holdbacks? Please, they are also known as a serial holdback team.

They may have holdbacks but not anywhere near the extend of Crabs. Crabs is known as the whor*s of holdbacks along with their leader Ryan McClernan, the lead pimp of Crabs. This is the most disgusting youth program on the east coast, perhaps in the US. Everyone involved in youth lacrosse knows about Crabs and McClernan and have no regards for either.
A loss to McClernan's team, 2020, is not considered a loss, everyone just looks at it as a 2020 team playing a 2019 Crabs team pretending to be 2020.
When you have 10+ holdbacks and two double holdbacks, it becomes a joke in the youth lacrosse world, yet McClernan and the 2020 Crab parents/fans think they are a superior team.
McClernan is a disgusting individual and most would love to see him tossed out of youth lacrosse. It couldn't happen soon enough.