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Kind of funny how people have to make fun of his weight, invent juvenile pejorative names, etc.

His teams break no rules because they are grade based events. My son's teams played the Crabs when youth ball was age based, and they were excellent teams back then as well.

Guess people have to hate when their sons don't win a trophy.

So well spoken Crab dad. Does RM break the rules. Technically he doesn't, but...he abuses the true spirit of grade base youth lacrosse, getting players who want to remain with his program to repeat a grade and if they don't they are replaced.

Don't even try to deny this, it has been proven many times that this happens in the Crabs program, especially at the 2021 and 2020 grade. This was not the intention of grade base but RM, being the cheat that he is, quickly saw a way to manipulate the system to his advantage.
Without holdbacks, his 2020 team would be just average at best. That team has about 10 holdbacks and two double holdbacks. He needs this to win and keep his program in the spotlight so he can get more kids to tryout. This is nothing but a business for him and a way to make money.
Go watch him coach, it is a total joke. His lacrosse IQ is very low. Go to the Crabs website and read his lacrosse bio, a total joke again, yet he feels he has a great lacrosse mind. Not in this lifetime will that ever happen.
I think the man is a total disgrace to youth lacrosse and am amazed at how he can even show his face at lacrosse events, because he knows everyone in the youth lacrosse world has his number and knows what he is about. A total POS.

I'm not a Crab dad. We don't even live anywhere near MD.

It's one thing to rail against holdbacks. But there are clubs like Madlax that have more holdbacks on their teams. But it seems Crabs get the most vitriol because they are the most successful.

It's youth ball. Not a big deal.