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Kind of funny how people have to make fun of his weight, invent juvenile pejorative names, etc.

His teams break no rules because they are grade based events. My son's teams played the Crabs when youth ball was age based, and they were excellent teams back then as well.

Guess people have to hate when their sons don't win a trophy.

Nice deflection there. But the old Crabs teams didnt play down?? Crabs had very good teams at the youth level..They had U13AA and U15AA plus their HS teams. No one complained about them cheating or skewing the system for their benefit at the YOUTH level. They were on age. Most people thought they had outstanding youth teams .
With having all these kids playing down NOW at YOUTH level. Expect a constant stream of being called out. Playing down even within the rules is a farce. Youth sports is for kids on age. Not for Select kids to get a benefit that others cant get. Age Age Age

Spin away with recruiting, playing with buddies , etc..No one buys playing down at youth level except the people involved with having players playing down.