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OK 2020 parents, let it all go with the holdbacks, reclass chatter. This will rub you wrong but as a parent of an older player (on age thank you) maybe you need a little insight.

No one will care if these kids are 16 or 13 a few months from now. If your son can't play with someone 1 or even two years older as an 8th grader he's got work to do. This summer your 2020 little sunshine should be able to play with 2019, 2018 and 2017 players. He should be able to hang and contribute. That is what college coaches are looking for.

Most parents of on age players, like me, viewed 8th grade as JV lacrosse and wanted our kids to play these older holdbacks. They are pushing to get on varsity as freshman and need to perform against the older players. It was good for my son to play against the usual suspects a few years ago.

Please stop with the birth certificate and elementary school record checks, you can't rationalize your sons talent, or lack thereof, due to age. It all goes out the window in a few short months.

Your kid is on age my a$$. Obviously a crabs daddy. Sorry your kid can't compete in high school this year and has to play against 8th graders to stand out. This is the last year your 16 year old 8th grader will be noticed so you better hope he and you pulled the wool over the eyes of Petro, Starsia or one of the other early recruiters. Everyone else will catch up soon...Be ready.