Since the schedule for the HOCO league has been out for a week, parents have had a chance to check their schedules to see what games their little darlings can attend. So can you please tell us now when your team's superstars will not be able to make a game so that we do not have to hear about THAT excuse after your teams lose.

For instance. our holdbacks decided that they wanted to take the SAT with their friends from Kindergarten, so the first weekend in May will be tough for us to field a team.

Just get the excuses out of the way now so that we do not have to hear them later.

Cannot wait for the games to begin. Which AA league team should have been in the Elite? Which A/B team has improved from last year (due to puberty kicking in). Which teams were placed in a higher division to get destroyed so that they can get ready for lower summer tournaments. Since this a spring league, the grades of the kids are supposedly known, so no tournament holdbacks (2020 now playing 2021 in summer tourney because they plan on repeating.)

Let the games begin