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HOCO without Madlax 2020 in the Elite division has been exposed as a fraud. Can't have an elite division without one of the best 2020 teams in the country.

We're doing just fine without HOCO. Teams are lining up to play us. This league will fold in 2 years tops.

You are completely out of your mind. Madlax 2020 would have a hard time in the 2020B division. They are not even close to an elite team. Madlax 2020 is more like one of the worst teams in the country, or it may just be the worst.

Now just go back to watching cartoons on TV and stay off the computer.

Well we can argue that Madlax 2020 is Elite or not. But they are more then good enough to play in the AA Div. I wish the Owner would of just let them play in the AA Div. They could of won that Div to prove a point. but he did not do that. But we can all bring this topic up at the end of the summer because Madlax 2020 will be playing in 4 top summer tournaments. So the scores and games will be out there for us to argue this topic again then.