Dear Charlie and fellow members of the NCLOA,

I am very sorry to bother all of you with this. However, I just felt the need to do something and try and lend a hand.

This past Friday, on March 18, 2016, one of my current students and former lacrosse player at Copiague High School was tragically shot and killed by his friend. Supposedly the death was deemed an accident. Charlie, as you know, I was a Varsity Lacrosse Coach at Copiague High School for 13 years and I still currently teach there. The community is multi-cultural and the lacrosse players there do not have the backing and support as most high school players across Long Island. The boy`s mother was a single mother and he was her only child. She would come and visit me every Parent/Teacher Night to make sure her young boy was doing the "right thing."

Unfortunately, the mother does not have enough money to bury her son and a "go fund me" page was developed to help her pay for the funeral services.

Any help the Association can do or if any of you would like to donate even just a little, it would be much appreciated in the small town of Copiague.

Please even just click on the following page and see him and his mom.

Thanks guys, and remember to hug your loved ones today. Life is too short!

Kenny Berry
Proud member of the NCLOA