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[quote=Anonymous]All of the best 2020 teams are playing in Crab feast this year. It is probably the first time all the best teams will be in the same tournament. The only team thatís not is Team 91Ö.[/quote

Too bad 91 Maryland and laxachusetts are not participating as that would be a great lineup of the top teams.

I believe Laxachusetts are on the list of teams playing

Laxachusetts is on the 2020 list for this year. I believe the reason Team 91 Maryland was not invited is that Crabs and Aloha Tournaments do a joint tournament in the fall, the Famous Fall Classic and Team 91 Maryland was not invited to that last year is because Aloha Tournament owns Breakers Lacrosse and Team 91 Maryland raided the players from Breakers last summer. Most of the Breakers players are now on Team 91 Maryland.
Ryan M may be just trying to keep Aloha Tournaments happy and keeping Team 91 Maryland out of the Crab Feast Tournament this year.