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[quote=Anonymous]All of the best 2020 teams are playing in Crab feast this year. It is probably the first time all the best teams will be in the same tournament. The only team thatís not is Team 91Ö.[/quote

Too bad 91 Maryland and laxachusetts are not participating as that would be a great lineup of the top teams.

I believe Laxachusetts are on the list of teams playing


Conspicuously absent is Edge Canada, let's hope that an invite was not extended after their thuggery at the Autumn Classic

I saw the Edge/Looney's game last fall and it was one of the ugliest lax games I ever saw. First, Edge's 2020 team is really a 2019 team and there were so many penalties against Edge all through the game I lost count. Looneys went up 10 to 0 and then is got really ugly.
The refs called the game with about 3 minutes left. Their parents/fans are not much better.
As far as I am concerned, don't invite them to any US youth tournament until they learn to play by the rules, play lacrosse and stop trying to injure other players, which is how they always play.